Creative Corner Student Name Class and Section Description Link
1 Mas. Anurag Rajput IX Art work
2 Mas. Prasoon Kumar IX Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
3 Mas. Prasoon Kumar IX Mahatma Gandhi
4 Mas. Prasoon Kumar IX Loh Purush Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel
5 Harshita IXC Art work
6 Kum. Versha VIII A Art work
7 - - GOD: Wow! How wonderful my created world is!. My world ! My beautiful world ! It's like heaven for all the creatures.
8 - - ( Air, water, land and tree are on strike because of their exploitation. due to which organisms of earth are suffering greatly.)
9 - - ( The lord has summon them to represent their respective problems. And they went to the court of the lord.)
10 - - ( ENTERANCE OF TREE IN COURT ) TREE: SAVE ME !! from these insensible humans. I am being cleared by the humans gradually at a high rate. Not only in my life but after it also I am being used, but then also these creatures doesn't understand my importance in their life and nature so please my lord save me from these humans.
11 - - ( TREE EXITS AND AIR COMES IN THE WITNESS BOX. ) AIR: Nowadays I am being polluted at a huge rate. Pollutents of industries, smoke from automobiles, garbage, nuclear explosions, etc all are polluting me. Humans are effected by this, but don't react acordingly. So sir save me and save your earth.
12 - - ( AFTER AIR WATER REPRESENT ITS PROBLEMS. ) WATER: You have created me in a huge quantity but very less is useful. Humans are wasting and polluting me blindly. They don't think about there future, if i will be not there ,the survival of all the species will be almost impossible.
13 - - ( AT LAST LAND CAME. ) LAND: Oh! my Lord, the whole earth is suffering greatly only due to one specie that are humans. I am also fed up with humans. They have low down my fertility. Due to deforestation soil errosion is there. I am suffering a lot.
14 - - GOD: Due to my best creation the whole earth is suffering badly.I think the humans are the main cause of this problem. If i won't take any step against humans they would misuse their power and the left resources would also have to suffer greatly.
15 - - GOD: I can emagine the distruction of the earth due to humans.
16 - - ( God summon humans to his court for the final decision ) GOD: The resources are not only your's property ,but these are for whole earth. IF EARTH WILL EXIST YOU WILL EXIST. Don't depend totally on scientific things. Start working to save the earth its my order.